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The 21st Armored Division was founded on Veteran's Day, 2014 as a World of Tanks clan.

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    Clan Logo in XVM



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    Clan Logo in XVM

    Post by stickninjazero on Sat Jan 17, 2015 12:21 am

    Save this image to the following folder to get the clan logo to show up beside your name in the player list.


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    Re: Clan Logo in XVM

    Post by Jason_K1FDP on Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:50 pm

    It doesn't like your image file I see....

    And now it does.... <<foot in mouth>>

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    Re: Clan Logo in XVM

    Post by Assenhoff on Fri Jan 23, 2015 11:46 pm

    Haha thanks Jason, I appreciate you facilitating that here. Just thought I'd add in the backstory of the logo and how we came up with it for those of you who may be wondering.

    stickninjazero and I had both departed our first clan together, after stickninjazero had gotten into it a bit over a tactics discussion with the leadership of the clan we were in at the time. Actually, they kicked him out over it, as I understood they were pretty rude to him over his speaking up about some tactics and questioning some things politely. In the process, they kicked myself and Tordace out as well, and we didn't find out about it until right after I got home late at night. I speculated at first that it was an association thing. As it turned out, they claimed that I was accidentally kicked from the clan and that I was welcome to come back. Then, I speculated that maybe the guy that did that got told he messed up and got rid of some people they didn't necessarily want to get rid of. However, at that point I saw no reason to return since I'm tight with stick, and I'd already had some issues with the clan. Good guys and players they had indeed, just overall, some of the personalities weren't jiving with me. And, I'm very loyal to my friend stick. Still though, can't say there was anything super negative about that other clan - it's their clan, they have every right to do what they wanna do with regard to kicking people out. If I was in a clan and they want to kick me out because I don't like the color blue, fine by me lol.

    So then soon after that, it seemed natural to form our own clan. We both wanted to, we talked about it and we realized we were both considering it, thinking about it. So we were like well, who's gonna be the commander? Am I gonna form a clan? Are you? Separate? Together? Of course, a joint venture for a clan formed naturally. As for who would be the commander, for me, the choice was clear. Honestly part of the reason I wanted stick to take command was because I knew he'd enjoy that aspect of the game, and he'd had his doubts about the game at that point, and I wanted him to take a key role in it. World of tanks is a very competitive online game, one of the most competitive in the entire world, and it takes heart to bear your head down and fight through all the pub matches and grind away at things. People play games for enjoyment, and losing or getting humiliated or getting your ass handed isn't fun. If you play 8,000 matches and lose 4,000, that's 4,000 x roughly 10 min = 40,000; 40,000 / 60 min = 666 hours = 27 fucking days of "really?" "what the fuck?" "god what a noob team" "how did I bounce that??" etc. stick is relatively new to competitive online multiplayer games, so he was still deciding if it was something he really wanted to spend time doing on a consistent basis. Since then, he's improved dramatically and continues to do so. I've been a hard core pc gamer for years now, so raging and frustration was something I'd already become accustomed to. There are some people that claim they never get mad playing WoT, in my opinion they're lying. Everyone gets frustrated or angry sometimes. That is, if you play and you actually care about winning. There are people I'm sure that get on here and are complete toads that will team kill, ram you out into enemy fire, drive straight into death at the start of every match, start matches and go afk all the time, etc.

    Naturally the name of the clan and the logo came into question. Gotta have something. We both had ideas. So, stick had a cool one, but so did I. I went ahead and... well, honestly I was trying to be as humble as possible about my idea. I knew he had some cool ideas too, and I didn't want to just blow him out of the water and not consider it or have a lot of bias for mine. So, I pitched my idea to him, and he also liked it. That was the visual part of the logo; we hadn't yet decided on the motto to go in the bottom of it. Then, he suggested the motto inside the logo "Immortals", referencing the influence of, as I understood it, the immortals as seen in the movie 300. They were pretty neato and cool, bad ass, etc. I liked it. Plus, I felt like since I was pushing that logo, at the least I should let him have some input on the motto. And so we chose that. Of course spartans are kick ass too, but then you'll get people trying to say they were gay, that we wear speedos, and then of course everyone and their fucking mom uses spartan this and that for their battle logo in all kinds of shit. Fuck mainstream, let's give some credit to those immortal dudes. I mean, they came with their claws and... yeah.

    My thinking on the logo itself started with a google and/or wikipedia search on the armored divisions of world war 2. I decided it would be more respectful to the real life armored divisions not to replicate their division patch exactly, as some clans have done. There were armor divisions going from the 1st all the way to the 20th, with odd gaps in between. Interesting history about them all, you should read it sometime. I decided let's call it the 21st. It's the next armored division to be formed or pseudo formed since the 20th, but it's one that is formed in a virtual world. In fact, since then, I've thought that it actually jives well with "Immortals", because in world of tanks you virtually never die, you just keep playing. You only die when you rage quit permanently, in some sense within the context of the game. So "Immortals", I'd venture to say, is representative of our passion for playing the game continuously despite failures and hardships. Now, I will admit there were a couple other oddball logos and clans out there calling themselves the 21st armored division before we did, but they were small clans and didn't quite seem to give the logo justice. iirc, we couldn't use [21st] as it was already taken, and stick suggested [21ARM]. I funded the clan, gifted the gold to stick and the clan was soon formed. stick so far has been funding the teamspeak.

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    Re: Clan Logo in XVM

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